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About Us

The Credit Angel will help you obtain financing through our network of dealers and finance companies. We are committed to helping customers that have been turned down through conventional finance sources. Our 10 years of experience combined with our banking relationships make the Credit Angel Program the most successful in the business. Imagine yourself behind the wheel. Let us help you, help yourself!

How do we do it?

The Credit Angel has no simple formula. each case has an individual set of circumstances. We believe that we have seen them all. We know how to present your package to the banks, while tending to your individual needs. At times it is so easy, you could be driving with in 24 hours. In most cases we'll deliver the vehicle right to you. Just leave it up to us. Let us help you, help yourself!

Read some customer testimonials to see for yourself what people have to say about the Credit Angel Program and what we did for them!

Where do I start?

Just fill out our online application and a Credit Angel Coach will contact you with in 24 hours. After a short interview, we will go to work and go about getting you that loan that you deserve. Let us help you, help yourself!

What else do I need?

In some cases you may need to supply your Credit Angel Coach with a few stipulations which the banks sometimes ask for. They can include a copy of your phone bill, a copy of your most current pay stub, tax return copies, or a possible co-signer. Your Credit Angel Coach will walk you through these steps if need be, and make it as simple as 1, 2, 3! Let us help you, help yourself!